FBO of the Week: Gregg Flying Service (Animas Air Park, Durango, CO)


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AVweb‘s “FBO of the Week” ribbon goes to Gregg Flying Service at Animas Air Park (00C) in Durango, Colorado.

AVweb reader Paul Leadabrand discovered how great Gregg can be when, “flying a 100mph Kitfox after a considerably long day, [he found] mountain passes closed and strong headwinds.” That meant Paul wouldn’t be able to make the FBO until long after they’d closed, but he couldn’t just camp out overnight; his schedule was too tight. Here’s what happened next:

To get an early morning departure for another long day, we would need a hangar, fuel, transportation, lodging – and dinner. I was able to relay to another aircraft landing, asking them to ask the FBO to stay open for our arrival. That was the last conversation I had for the next hour. Upon arrival – after dark and with the temperature below freezing – we were warmly met by FBO owner Del Gregg. He immediately squeezed into an already full hanger, gave us his extra vehicle, made us a hotel reservation using his locals-only discount at a wonderful downtown hotel (with a wide variety of late-night restaurants). The following morning, arriving at the FBO, we found our aircraft pulled out in the sun, engine heater plugged in, and fueled. Not to mention low-price fuel (as compared to the nearby commercial airport), this FBO offered the warmest welcome and professional service I’ve ever had, even driving a $10 million jet.

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