Short Final


Two airplanes took off from the same controlled airport right after each other — one a Cessna 172, the other a Cessna 182. The first off was the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, followed a minute or so later by his buddy in the Cessna 182. Both were headed for the same destination airport.

Just before the 182 left controlled air space, the tower controller asked the 182 driver if he had the Skyhawk at 12 o’clock one mile out.

The 182 reported, “Looking. No contact yet.”

The 172 driver chimed in on the conversation and said, “Not to worry. I owe him money. He won’t hit me!”

True story. Towered airport was El Monte (KEMT); destination for both airplanes was Cable Airport (KCCB) in Upland, California.

Doug Latch
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