…A New TwinProp From Germany…


“But what the general aviation needs most is this: It must be cheaper!” So says the English version of the German Web site of High Performance Aircraft (HPA), which is working on a shaft-driven twin-prop five-seat business aircraft. The TT62 Alekto ran its first taxi test last month — you can watch it online. The composite airplane is driven by two Thielert 310-hp diesel FADEC engines, which will be installed centerline-ish, inside the fuselage, behind the cabin. The two five-bladed props then extend on pylons aft of the wing. “By this, excellent aerodynamic properties of the engine installation is realized — there is no need of direct air-exposure of the liquid-cooled engines!” the Web site says. The company says the airplane will use half the fuel of comparable aircraft, and instead of avgas will use the cheaper and universally available Jet A. Want to see it in person? The factory at Heringsdorf-Usedom Airport is open to visitors every Friday afternoon. See if you agree with the company’s own observation: “The TT62 impresses already at the first eye-catch by its form.” More than 60 of the airplanes have been ordered so far.