A Tough Week For Aviation’s Reputation


Making GA Look Good: Disruption In Philly…

With CBS’s big eye glaring last week at GA as a security risk, you’d think all pilots might be on their best behavior — it doesn’t appear to have worked out that way. When authorities finally arrested John Salamone after chasing him for four hours around Philadelphia-area skies, he was staggering, his eyes were bloodshot and his pants were undone, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Police told the Daily News Salamone blew .13 on a breathalyzer (the legal limit is .04) after he finally landed his Piper Cherokee at Limerick Airport about 10:30 p.m. The flight had originated there about 6:20 p.m. While in the air, Salamone allegedly barged through controlled airspace near Philadelphia International Airport as low as 100 feet AGL, forcing six airliners to abort landings. Authorities also said he circled the nuclear power plant … which sits practically at the foot of the runway at Limerick (PTW). Pending final test results, the list of charges is potentially a long one. FAA spokesman Jim Peters said Salamone still has his pilot’s certificate (go figure) but the agency has opened an investigation. “At the end we will make a recommendation about what to do,” Peters said, noting the penalty could range from nothing to revocation of his certificate.