Central Florida Worries About GA Overload


Florida is the second-busiest aviation state in the U.S., according to the Orlando Business Journal, and while that’s generally seen as a good thing for industry and tourism, the article raises concerns about overcrowding and safety. Central Florida has seen a lot of recent growth, with both people and aircraft moving in at a steady rate. The Journal also reports an increase in accidents, but it’s not clear if that’s simply an artifact of the increased flight activity. Nonetheless, while the report cites “troubling signs” that the crowded skies perhaps need to be more regulated, it notes that aviators in the state don’t seem to think so. “Personally, I think the system is working fine,” says Richard Null, the state’s administrator of aviation operations. “There are an awful lot of checks and balances out there.” The area around Orlando has 167 aviation facilities, including private and public airports, heliports and an ultralight park. Of those, 17 opened in the last five years.