Freedom’s Slow Return To DC…


Pilots Get An ADIZ Break

Pilots in the beleaguered Washington, D.C., area last week won a bit of a victory from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FAA, thanks to efforts by GA advocacy groups, when easier ingress and egress procedures were decreed for several small airports near the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) edges. The new procedures allow aircraft operating into and out of Bay Bridge Airport (W29) and Kentmorr Airport (3W3) to enter the ADIZ and fly directly to or from the airport through a special corridor without filing a flight plan or contacting air traffic control. Instead of obtaining a discrete transponder code from ATC, specific codes have been assigned for flights into or out of each airport. At other airports in the area — including Airlie, Albrecht, Harris, Martin, Martin State, Meadows, Mylander, Stewart, St. John, Tilghman Whipp, Upperville, and Wolf — pilots will benefit from different and simpler procedures than before. At these facilities, operators must squawk 1205 and monitor the appropriate ATC frequency while exiting the ADIZ by the most direct route. To enter the ADIZ and land at these facilities, pilots must still follow the existing ADIZ procedures.