Government Report Assesses GA Security Threat


AOPA Finds It Supportive

The Congressional Research Service has released a new report, “Securing General Aviation,” which AOPA says will aid lobbying efforts in support of fair and rational treatment for GA in any new security legislation. The 43-page report aims to provide members of Congress with nonpartisan research results and analysis. It explains what GA is, the risk factors, and possible options to mitigate those risks. “This report from Congress’s highly respected research agency provides an unbiased, realistic view of both the minimal threat that light GA aircraft represent and the significant social and economic impacts of ill-considered security regulations,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA senior vice president of government and technical affairs. “While we might take issue with some points, the report must be carefully reviewed by policy makers before considering any new security restrictions on general aviation.” The report concurs with AOPA’s contention that GA security should be risk-based and tailored to the unique characteristics and vulnerabilities of specific airports, AOPA said. The Congressional Research Service is a government agency within the Library of Congress, where members of Congress turn for the nonpartisan research, analysis and information they need to make informed decisions. The CRS has been carrying out this mission since 1914.