Impact On Business Jets: NBAA Opposes FAA Action


Both the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) have already expressed opposition to the FAA’s rule and its method of announcing it. NATA President James Coyne called it “an abusive interpretation of the regulations,” and called on the FAA to use the standard rulemaking procedures and solicit comment from industry. NBAA agreed, and also found fault with the nature of the change. “The proposal suggests that only one factor — runway landing distance — matters in aircraft landings,” spokesman Dan Hubbard told AVweb on Tuesday. “In fact, a whole host of factors are involved, including pilot judgment, aircraft weight and other aspects of landing.” NATA said in its statement that the FAA should postpone implementation of the policy until appropriate rulemaking procedures are completed and other concerns have been addressed. NATA also said it has contacted the Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy to alert them to this “apparent breach of rulemaking procedure” and to seek their support in opposing the FAA’s action.