…More And More Charges…


Wolcott was originally charged in Georgia with felony theft by receiving and the endangerment of the five passengers but authorities aren’t yet done with him. Next in line was the state of Florida, which chipped in with grand theft charges. Federal charges are also likely and we’d wager he might soon expect a letter from the FAA. “I imagine the FAA will be looking hard at his pilot’s license [sic],” FBI Special Agent Stephen Emmett told the Journal-Constitution. Wolcott has come to authorities’ attention at least twice before. On May 3, 2003, the Cessna 150G he was flying hit a flock of geese, according to Wolcott, who said he then attempted an emergency landing in a field. When it became apparent he wouldn’t stop before hitting trees at the end of the field, he tried to go around but hit the same trees. Wolcott had 201 hours total time when the accident occurred. He escaped with minor injuries. AOPA is also reporting that several years ago Wolcott rented a plane from a Georgia flight school but didn’t return it. It was later found in Chattanooga. Wolcott has so far refused to speak to reporters.