3D Radar Promises Enhanced Aviation Services


Aveillant, a British technology company, said recently its 3D holographic radar is now ready for the market. The technology “brings performance previously only found in high-end military systems to the civil aviation arena,” the company said. The system can survey 360 degrees of airspace for up to a 40-mile range, and because it doesn’t rotate like traditional radars, it can track every target continuously. The continuous tracking enables the system to identify each target based on its detailed Doppler signature. The first commercial system will go online later this year.

In a trial at a Glasgow airport where an offshore wind farm created clutter on radar screens, the system showed that it could help air traffic controllers clearly distinguish between aircraft and the wind turbines. The 3-D holographic radar is fully compatible with the full range of ATC systems, such as ADS-B and WAM (Wide Area Multilateration), the company said. Aveillant was launched in 2011 as a spin-off of Cambridge Consultants, which has been working with radar systems since 1980.