AEA: Aspen Rolls Out New VFR EFIS


Aspen Avionics says its serious about reducing the cost of new avionics and at the Aircraft Electronic Association Convention in Nashville it rolled out a new product to prove it. At a price of $4995, Aspen showed off its new VFR-only EFIS intend for aircraft owners who would like glass, but dont want or need the boatload of features that a full, IFR-certified system would otherwise force them to buy.

In this video report from Nashville, Aspens John Uczekaj told AVweb that customers have expressed a definite interest in lower-priced, entry-level EFIS products that can be upgraded to grow with a pilots capabilities, interests and budget. He said the company rejects the notion that only consumer electronics can enjoy a downward price curve and he says Aspen is determined to apply the same principle to affordable avionics.

Outwardly, the VFR product resembles Aspens popular EFD 1000 Evolution series, which can consist of two or three displays mounted side-by-side and intended specifically for retrofit. The displays include less data than the full-featured IFR product. So youll have less scanning to do and more time with your head out the window and thus improve the safety of flying, Uczekaj says.