Airport Lawsuit For Witham In Florida?


A long discussion between Martin County, Fla., and the FAA, seeking common ground to placate neighborhoods claiming safety concerns and negative impact from aircraft noise and exhaust at Witham Field, may be taking a judicial turn. The county’s commission voted in 1998 to extend Witham’s runway, but provided the FAA with maps that failed to mark all of the residences nearby, according to the Palm Beach Post. The FAA extended the runway per the information provided and now refuses to shorten it but has requested that the county correct the safety issues. The Witham Airport Action Majority (WAAM), identified by the Palm Beach Post as an activist group, argues the FAA should reduce the runway’s length to safeguard nearby homes. And now a court may be asked to find a solution. The FAA has suggested adding soft concrete overrun buffers at the end of the runway to safeguard property — an idea that has been dismissed by WAAM. WAAM notes that it would cost the county money to rebuild the barriers should they ever be used and points out that the solution does not address the issue of noise.