AVweb's AirVenture 2008 Galleries: Day Three

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Between rocket racing and rocket packs, it was a noisy day at EAA AirVenture but somehow, no one seemed to mind. Take a few moments to wander the grounds with photographer Mariano Rosales (but don't expect him to buy you a bratwurst).


Air Traffic Controllers bring in the arriving aircraft from their new control tower.

Show attendees learn the techniques of fabric covering at the EAA Workshops.

The Martin Jetpack shows its hovering capabilities. Due to restrictions multiple safety personnel were required to help stabilize and monitor the flight.

Thousands gathered on AeroShell Square to watch the public flight of the Martin Jetpack.

Piper has their PiperJet fuselage mock up on display showing the cabin and interior.

The Diamond Aircraft booth is a popular display for those who wish to stay in the shade.

Looking to buy some stuff? Check out the Fly Market.

Pick your level of authenticity.

Riveting techniques are taught and practiced in the EAA Workshop pavilions.

The Boeing Dreamliner sits silently at show center.

Instrument panel of a 1931 Waco QCF-2.

For aircraft buyers (and sellers) AirVenture is a popular venue for making a deal.

Sometimes you just need to find a tree and relax.

Chris and Stan Kuprianczyk of northwestern Chicago take a break to plan their next route of action.

Many random airplane parts and artifacts can be found roaming the convention grounds.

The big, the small, and the tall.

The EAA's Ford Tri-Motor returns from another flight.

Rides in the Breezy are available all day by the flightline.

The gaggle of RVs return from flying their formation display on Tuesday.

The main display area as seen from the new FAA control tower.

Team Oracle Photo Pilot Brian Norris and the members of The Collaborators do a run through of their photo flight in the Kermit Weeks Hangar.

The Collaborators.

The Collaborators.

The Collaborators.