AOPA Turbomedical Approved By FAA


AOPA announced last week that U.S. pilots are one step closer to being able to file their medical renewal information online. The FAA has agreed to accept printouts of AOPAs Turbomedical form as long as theyre signed in the presence of an AME or the doctors staff. Turbomedical is described as a medical assistant designed to help pilots answer the FAAs medical questions efficiently and accurately. AOPA designed it as an online tool and has been lobbying the FAA to allow the questionnaire to be submitted electronically, but were not quite there yet. [more] However, the latest step is a significant move in that direction. Previously, the information from the AOPA form had to be transcribed to the official FAA form. An AOPA release says the FAA is working on an online medical information system but the privacy issues are understandably daunting. Once the FAAs online medical system goes live, AOPA says it intends to press for acceptance of its form online, too.