Biggest Fastest Gulfstream — The G650 Targets 2012


Gulfstream’s largest and most advanced aircraft will offer the longest range and fastest speed in the Gulfstream fleet, a full flight envelope protection fly-by-wire system and a host of other industry “firsts.” The 11- to 18-passenger G650 can fly 7,000 nautical miles at .85 Mach (or 5,000 nm at .9 Mach). Its maximum operating speed powered by two new Rolls-Royce BR725 engines will push it to .925 Mach and crown it “the fastest civil aircraft flying,” according to Gulfstream. Its construction includes bonded skin panels and assembly techniques that reduce assembly time and parts count. The flight system features a quadruple-redundant flight-control computer system, plus a separate dedicated back-up flight-control computer. The cockpit will include four 14-inch displays, PlaneView II technology, three standard PlaneBook computer tablets, a fully automatic, three-dimensional scanning weather radar with an integral terrain database and more. Enhanced Vision System (EVSII), Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD), and Head-Up Display (HUD II) complement the situational awareness suite, “to give operators a visual edge.” Back in the cabin, occupants will enjoy cabin altitudes of 4,850 feet at FL510 and 2,800 feet at FL410 … and 28-by-20.5-inch windows that Gulfstream says are “the largest in the industry.” The G650’s wing, which will store 100 percent of the aircraft’s 44,200-pound fuel load, is being designed and manufactured by Spirit Aerosystems, of Wichita. Production of the jet will take place in Gulfstream’s recently completed 308,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Savannah, Ga. First flight of the aircraft is scheduled for the second half of 2009. Gulfstream expects to deliver the G650 in 2012.