BizAv Recovery Slow But Sure?


The arrows continue to point in the right direction but the excruciatingly slow recovery of business aviation remains stubbornly sluggish according to the latest report (PDF) from AMSTAT, a market analysis company. The company says turnover of the used fleet hit 2.6 percent in the second quarter of the year, which is better than it’s been in years but still below 3 percent, which is considered normal. It’s not all bad news, says AMSTAT.

The creep in sales activity increases means there’s more room on the market for new aircraft but, as always with business aviation, it’s the economy as a whole that will determine the rate and extent of recovery. If the economy remains sluggish, there won’t be a recovery to normal numbers until it turns around, AMSTAT says. If the economy improves, the numbers will return but it will take time.