Caravan TKS Retrofits Underway


TKS glycol-based anti-icing retrofits are now available for Cessna Caravans through CAV Aerospace in Salina, Kan. Cessna announced the availability of the TKS system on new cargo-pod-equipped Caravans in 2008. In the meantime, CAV has been developing the retrofit, which was adopted by FedEx Express for its fleet of 250 Caravans. It was announced two weeks ago that Yingling Aviation, of Wichita, will install the CAV system on the FedEx Express Caravans. CAV is turning its attention to the remaining 1,200 aircraft in the fleet and the first one to undergo retrofit is certainly no stranger to flying in icing conditions.

Superior Airways, of Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, operates charter services in the rugged bush country of northwestern Ontario. Red Lake is where the road ends in that part of the world and dozens of First Nations settlements in the area depend on air transport for most of the year. The weather can be truly awful. Superior’s Caravan had been fitted with deicing boots but the company asked CAV to strip them off and install the fluid system.