DayJet’s First Flights 90 Days Away


Bolstered by a $50 million infusion of new funding, DayJet said this week it expects to start offering air-taxi jet service in five Florida cities by the end of June. This funding is the keystone to the operational launch of our Per-Seat, On-Demand jet service, said Ed Iacobucci, president and CEO of DayJet. With the necessary capital now in place, we are just months away from delivering regional business travelers something they have never had — accessible and affordable mobility between difficult-to-reach regional destinations. The infusion of cash means that construction of DayJet’s facilities at Tallahassee Regional Airport’s Flightline Aviation will begin within the next 30 days, the Tallahassee Democrat reported Wednesday. The on-demand, per-seat operators reservation system will be online within the next 30 days, and DayJets fleet of Eclipse 500 jets should start arriving about that same time, according to company COO John Staten. Hiring of pilots and support staff should start next month, Staten said. The company’s initial service area will include Lakeland, Boca Raton, Gainesville, Pensacola and Tallahassee, Fla. Eclipse Aviation spokesman Andrew Broom told the Lakeland Ledger that he’s confident the company can deliver 12 jets to DayJet by June 30.