DOT Announces Future Of Aviation Committee


Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has announced the newly formed Future of Aviation Advisory Committee that may help form changes in the country’s aviation policies. The committee, which was put together in March, will have its first public meeting on May 25, in Washington. It is made up of representatives from the airlines, airports, general aviation, manufacturers and labor, but also includes environmental, academic and financial experts. And it seeks to provide recommendations to the Secretary that will ensure the competitiveness of the U.S. aviation industry. The group’s members will focus on America’s competitiveness in aviation with a focus on safety, viability, environmental challenges and solutions, funding for aviation systems and the aviation workforce. The May 25 meeting is open to the public — providing you’ve registered in advance.

The May meeting is set to be the first of at least three additional meetings to culminate in delivery of recommendations to LaHood. Participants include Cessna president and CEO Jack Pelton among representatives from JetBlue Airways, Goodrich Corporation, Boeing, and more. The public is welcome to attend but interested parties must register in advance via e-mail. To find at how to attend, click here and scroll to the last two paragraphs on the page. Information on how to find minutes of meetings and related documents is listed on the last line.