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Desired Track (DTK) #3:
Headwork, Part One
- (Articles - Oct 25 2001)

Among other things, aviation can be referred to as a numbers game: heading, altitude, airspeed, distance, time. Fortunately, today's cockpits have a lot of equipment available to compute and display the important ones. But what's behind some of these numbers? How can we compute some of them on our own, in our head, when we want to or need to? In this first of a two-part series, AVweb Executive Editor Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside explores how to use "gouges" to come up with some useful numbers.

Desired Track (DTK) #2:
They Call Me Mister Headwind!
- (Articles - Apr 5 2001)

"Headwind." That simple word can send pilots off to the line shack to order more fuel even as they encourage their passengers to make one last visit to the rest room. When it comes to a headwind, AVweb's Jeb Burnside believes it's not a matter of whether he'll have one, but how strong it will be. Even the local weather guessers have come to recognize his N-number and try to soften the blow when they give him a briefing. Of course, there are some good reasons why headwinds seem to outnumber tailwinds. Here are a few.

Desired Track (DTK) #1:
Playing by the Rules
- (Articles - Mar 7 2001)

Like it or not, there are certain rules that apply when we fly. Some of those rules fill books and some of them too many are unwritten. One rule is to not run out of fuel. Other rules like which route to take around special airspace either aren't shared with pilots or just keep changing. While the rules that apply to getting around the Charlotte, N.C., Class B airspace seem inscrutable, the rules that apply to ensuring that there's enough fuel aboard to reach one's destination are well-known. Executive Editor Joseph E. (Jeb) Burnside explores why things are what they are in this first installment of his monthly column for AVweb.