eBay Sale: Shell Of Harrier Jump Jet


Rescued from a scrap yard in 1997, the restored two-seat, first-generation, ex-RAF 4 SQN Harrier Jump Jet currently available on ebay.co.uk was accepting bids over $112,000, when last we checked, but if you want an engine you’ll be paying more. Its current owner, 33-year-old former RAF mechanic, Chris Wilson, says the decommissioned display-worthy aircraft could be made airworthy with the addition of the appropriate Rolls Royce engine, sold separately (and not by him). That fantasy will take some work. The aircraft’s front cockpit is “around 80-percent complete” (it does include a Martin Baker mk9 ejection seat) and the rear cockpit is “fairly empty,” according to the listing. But the aircraft is sporting a full set of external stores, including 100-gallon drop tanks and SNEB rocket pods. “There is also a set of Aden cannon pods fitted to the belly.”

The seller says he’ll participate in delivery and assembly, at the buyer’s expense, and has previously exported aircraft to Canada and Greece, “so shipping is not a problem.” This particular aircraft, which once served in NATO cold war training exercises, has now been fully repainted and “completed to T2 specification as it entered service with 4 Squadron RAF in 1971,” according to the listing. And in its current form, the aircraft may be best suited for use as a museum aircraft or promotional tool, but according to its seller, it could also become a nice “garden feature.”