French Jobs Lost By Winning Tanker Contract


Not everyone associated with the EADS/Northrop-Grumman victory in the Air Force tanker contract is celebrating. The union representing workers at EADS Toulouse factories claims the deal will cost French jobs because of the consortiums commitment to build an assembly plant for the tankers in Mobile, Ala. In 2006, EADS agreed to build a plant in China to win contracts there and the CFDT union claims thats chipping away at the French workforce. British unions are hailing the contract saying it will secure thousands of jobs in plants that build major structures like wings. And, of course, Mobile couldnt be happier about the decision. Civic and state officials are portraying the contract award as turning point for the social and economic structure of the area. “The opportunities for decades to come are just so real and so big. It’s really kinda hard to put it all in perspective,” Congressman Jo Bonne told WKRG. The first priority is upgrading Brookley Field to accommodate the factory and the traffic it will generate.