Glasair Offer: Experimental Performance At LSA Price


Six new buyers can purchase a 145-knot, 1,000-pound useful load kit-built Glasair Aviation Sportsman 2+2 that takes off (and lands) in less than 400 feet and costs less than $125,000 — finished and flying, complete with a 180-hp Lycoming IO-360, a constant-speed prop and a VFR panel. The promotion, announced Thursday, offers a 25% discount from normal pricing, according to the company, and is first come, first served. The Glasair 2+2 is a kit-built experimental category aircraft, but Glasair offers a “two weeks to taxi” program that is included in the promotional pricing. That program does require purchaser participation for the duration of the two-week build cycle. The company is also offering special pricing for builder assist programs and upgrade programs (including a panel upgrade and firewall-forward plan), which are available to kit builders who bypassed the two weeks to taxi program in their initial kit purchase and even some who are already flying.

Glasair’s promotion brings pricing back into the 1970’s era, according to the company’s press release, and the deep discounts are available for a wide range of products and services available at the company’s Arlington, Wash., service center. More information is available by contacting Glasair at (360) 435-8533 ext. 232. We can’t guarantee there will be any positions left by the time you read this.