Glass For Your Conquest


Avidyne has introduced an integrated flight deck and retrofit for the Cessna 441 Conquest II that brings all the modern avionics conveniences to the venerable twin turboprop. The Alliant Retrofit was introduced at Sun ‘n Fun on Tuesday and puts Avidyne’s Envision Integrated Flight Deck System and S-TEC 2100 digital autopilot on two large-screen displays. It’s also available with RVSM for operators who fly above 29,000 feet. Avidyne also introduced a new weather detection system.

The TWX670 Tactical Weater Detection System is based on a new generation lightning detector. It accurately measures electrical discharges, which are the primary indicator of weather you don’t want to mess with. Color coding shows the areas of greatest intensity. It has a range of up to 25 nm and it’s considered a complement to data link weather services.