“Green Alliance” Will Address Aviation’s Impact


The Lindbergh Foundation has launched a new project called the Aviation Green Alliance that will bring stakeholders together to reduce aviation’s environmental impact. “With a stated mission that includes ‘Encouraging solutions, acknowledging progress and communicating ideas,’ the Aviation Green Alliance will create multiple platforms for members to share strategies, findings, progress, and ideas related to addressing aviation’s environmental challenges,” said Lindbergh Foundation Chairman Larry Williams. The Alliance intends to provide news and information about green initiatives, grant funding for research into new technologies, recommended practices for conservation and sustainability initiatives, and educational programs and outreach.

The Alliance is open to all aviation-related companies and individuals committed to proactively addressing the issue of aviation and the environment.The group aims to offer forums at aviation events, publish a newsletter, and present Aviation Green Awards. Reeve Lindbergh, honorary chairman of the Lindbergh Foundation, said the Alliance is a step in the right direction for the Foundation formed and named in her parents’ honor. The Lindbergh Foundation was founded in 1977, and works to promote a balance between technology and the environment.