Gulfstream G450 Development Update


Gulfstream Aerospace late last month said development of its G450 business jet is “on schedule and on budget,” one year after its first flight. The company added that its own flight test was complete and that tests leading to FAA certification — scheduled for the third quarter of 2004 — were well underway. Customer deliveries are expected in the second quarter of 2005. According to the company, four examples of the large-cabin, long-range business jet have accumulated more than 1250 flight hours during approximately 500 flights. By employing the four test aircraft, Gulfstream has been able to test and evaluate multiple aspects of the aircraft simultaneously in a relatively short amount of time. To date, Gulfstream has completed all development tests for aerodynamic performance, handling qualities, propulsion, systems and avionics. As part of its certification testing, the G450 fleet has successfully completed tests investigating flutter, field performance, flight controls, electrical systems and Part 36 fly-over noise tests, among others. Additionally, Gulfstreams Flight Operations personnel are working with the FAA Flight Standards and JAA Operations Evaluations Boards to evaluate pilot type rating for the G450. Gulfstream anticipates the G450 will share the same type rating with the G500 and G550, as well as the forthcoming G350.