Learn To Fly While Traveling


A Silicon Valley company is tackling head-on one of the most-cited impediments to flight training (the time it takes) with an innovative flight training program. Visionary Airlines will teach its customers to fly while they’re on their way to destinations they select for business or pleasure trips. They’ll get real-world training while getting to their destinations more quickly and efficiently. The concept is the brainchild of Michael Flint, a former business jet and Air Force pilot, who believes private aviation is the answer to many transportation issues. Flint has launched an Indiegogo campaign to launch Flight Training Adventures, which will be limited to regional flights around the San Francisco Bay area at first.

But Flint says he has big plans for the concept and sees it spreading across the country and making private aviation more accessible to people. He’s also planning to launch charter operations in the belief that frustration with modern air travel will force some people to look for alternatives.