Parachute Saves Argentine Airshow Pilot


A 22-year-old Argentine aerobatic pilot is out of business for the moment but living to blog about it thanks to the BRS ballistic parachute he installed in his RANS S-9. Dino Moline’s only injury was a slightly burned foot after a wing snapped off during a negative G maneuver. The published negative G limit is -4. Moline was performing at Show Aereo 2010 at El Trebol, Argentina when, as he pulled up while inverted, the left wing departed. Although we haven’t spoken with Moline, he is quoted on an Argentine blog site this way. “I do not know what happened, I think it was fatigue and I felt an explosion, saw a shadow passed me and was the wing. Then I heard Cesar (Faristocco) shouted my radio to pull the parachute and I did. I do not think anything. I saw fire in the plane, and I despaired a little. Burned my foot, but I’m okay.”

The incident happened in front of about 3,500 spectators at the show, which was sponsored by the local flying club in El Trebol, a small town in Sante Fe province in northeastern Argentina. BRS says that’s “save” number 253 for the whole plane parachute system.