Pilot In Power Line Collision Cites Lack Of Marking


A pilot whose certificate was suspended when his L-39 sliced through power lines crossing a canyon in Colorado in 2015 is now saying the utility company is to blame for damage and injuries that resulted from the incident. Stars and Stripes is reporting that former Marine pilot Brian Evans claims in response to a lawsuit that Xcel Energy should have marked the seven transmission lines his jet trainer sliced through on May 28, 2015, while he was flying at low level through De Beque Canyon, about 25 miles east of his departure point of Grand Junction. The power lines fell on a freeway going through the canyon and the suit was launched by Steve Centofanti, who said he lost feeling in his hands and was terrified by the mishap. He also said his hearing was damaged by the noise of the aircraft when Evans powered out of the canyon.

The passenger in the Albatros, Raymond Mez Davoudi, has also blamed the energy company. Centofanti’s vehicle and other vehicles on the freeway were damaged by the falling cables. In suspending Evans’s certificate, the FAA reportedly determined he was flying less than 500 feet above the floor of the canyon. The aircraft suffered some minor damage but Evans was able to get it back to Grand Junction for a safe landing. Evans lost his ticket for six months over the mishap.