Pratt & Whitney’s Geared Turbofan


Lower fuel burn and lower noise is the aim of the new Geared Turbofan engine from Pratt & Whitney to be tested in flight next year and later carried commercially in a new Mitsubishi Regional Jet. Aboard the jet, the engine aims to offer best-in-class efficiency, reduced environmental impact and lower operating costs, making it a player in the demand for next-generation technology. The gearing system in the engine works by allowing the engine’s fan to operate independent of the low pressure compressor and turbine. The resultant slower fan speed produces less noise while providing greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. “We believe the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine offers a technological breakthrough that will provide the best economy and performance for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet,” said Kazuo Tsukuda, president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. The Mitsubishi Regional Jet is a 70- to 90-passenger aircraft.