Seaplanes Cleared To Land In New Mexico (Corrected)


The State of New Mexico has abandoned plans to ban seaplanes from landing on lakes in its state parks, thanks, it would seem, to a lobbying effort among seaplane pilots. Faced with significant opposition, the New Mexico State Parks Division issued this statement: “The Division proposed adding a new section prohibiting the taxiing, landing, or takeoff of seaplanes or floatplanes in state parks. The Division received hundreds of comments opposing the implementation of this rule. Based upon the comments received, and given that the Bureau of Reclamation and United States Army Corps of Engineers already have regulations addressing seaplanes and floatplanes, the Division did not adopt the proposed rule.”

As we reported in October, the parks department based their proposed ban on noise and pollution concerns. However, a concerted effort by the Seaplane Pilots Association and to rally float and amphib flyers appears to have paid off.