Search Resumes For Missing Adventurer Steve Fossett


A team of searchers is back in the mountains of Nevada this week, hoping to find an answer to the mystery of Steve Fossett’s disappearance. Fossett, a well-known pilot and adventurer, vanished last September while flying near a friend’s ranch in a Super Decathlon. An extensive aerial and ground search, plus worldwide efforts using satellite imagery, failed to turn up any trace of Fossett or his airplane, and in February a court declared him legally dead. The new search team of 12 mountaineers, led by Canadian adventurer Simon Donato, will cover a rugged area on the east slope of the Sierra Nevada where Fossett was last seen. By traveling on foot, the searchers hope to explore hard-to-reach areas that have not previously been checked. They plan an eight-day search. To follow their progress online, go to their Web site, which is updated daily.

Click here for an AP video about the search. If this search is not successful, another team, led by mountaineer Robert Hyman, plans a similar effort in August. Hyman plans to lead 15 searchers to scour an area just east of where Donato is looking.