See In The Dark: Honeywell’s EHSI Night Vision-enabled


Honeywell announced it obtained FAA certification for its new, night vision-enabled KI 825 Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI). According to the company, the KI 825 combines traditional heading and navigation functionality with a moving map display in a 3 ATI format (3.26 inches by 3.26 inches) visible in darkness or bright daylight. Honeywell said the new instrument “is ideal for military and law enforcement organizations that utilize night vision goggles.” The KI 825 is designed for use in helicopters, piston and turbine aircraft. “This new version of the Honeywell KI 825 adds a level of convenience for customers that require night vision capability,” said Dan Barks, Honeywell Director of Marketing for Business, Regional & General Aviation Avionics.