Stolen CRJ Crash Video Hits Web

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Video has emerged of the July 17 event that resulted in a CRJ200 taxiing at high speed into a terminal building at St. George Municipal Airport, Utah, and severing most of its wing, before its pilot stepped back into the empty cabin and shot himself. The aircraft was operated by former SkyWest pilot Brian Hedglin, who had been placed on leave by after the carrier learned he was being investigated by police in the killing of his former girlfriend. The video includes footage from various surveillance cameras and shows the aircraft backing away from its gate under thrust reverse, charging past and impacting the terminal building, and then bucking wildly as it impacts obstacles in a nearby parking lot. Fourteen cars were damaged during the event. Hedglin had previously been arrested on charges related to his former girlfriend and was out on a $10,000 bond.AVweb‘s prior coverage is here.