Suit Follows Freak Parachute Accident


The widow of an Iowa man sucked out of a skydive plane when his parachute deployed inside the aircraft is now suing the skydiving company. In a lawsuit filed last week, Cindy Kidrowski alleges the chute Kidrowski was required to wear as a safety precaution ended up killing him and she’s looking for general and punitive damages from Skydive Iowa. Kidrowski went along on a maintenance ferry flight in the Cessna 206 and did not intend to jump that day. Because the aircraft had no passenger seats and the door was going to be open for the brief flight to a maintenance facility at another airport, Kidrowski was given a parachute to wear by an employee of the company. The chute deployed inside the aircraft when it was flying at more than 1,000 feet AGL.Wayne Kidrowski would not have been pulled from the aircraft and killed if he had not been required to wear a parachute, the Des Moines Register quoted the lawsuit as saying.

The incident might have also caused the plane to crash because the parachute snagged the 206’s tail, causing the aircraft to stall. The pilot recovered and the parachute came free. Kidrowski was killed in the fall from more than 600 feet. The suit alleges Kidrowski was not given an adequate safety briefing and it also says the aircraft was not in compliance with federal regulations.