Beringer Showcases Shock Absorption Tech


Wheel and brake company Beringer came to AirVenture 2018 with a freshly patented shock absorbing wheel, certification for its Alaskan Landing Gear (ALG) and two new STCs for wheel/brake/master cylinder packages. The company is in the process of developing a bolt-on oleo strut system it is calling the Shock-Wheel. The Shock-Wheel is intended for flight school aircraft or other rough-use scenarios. Testing on the recently patented system begins this summer.

After three years of research and development, Beringer has completed certification for its Alaskan Landing Gear. The company says the ALG high energy absorption system was designed to improve safety for backcountry taildraggers. It is available for several aircraft models including the Piper Carbon Cub, Just Aircraft Highlander and Zlin Savage. Prices range from $6,240 to $6,990. An STC for the Piper SuperCub is in progress.

The company also announced STCs for Piper M350/M500 and Diamond DA-40 bolt-on wheel/brake/master cylinder packages. Both packages include three wheels, four master cylinders, wheel axles and brake lines. The Piper package also comes with tubeless tires, which the company says reduce the risk of tire punctures by 80 percent. The Piper package costs $11,800. Price for the Diamond package has not yet been announced.