Nextant Offers Incremental Upgrade


Nextant, the Cleveland, Ohio, company that takes in older aircraft and remanufactures them with fresh upgrades, has announced a new “incremental” upgrade program for the Beech 400A/Hawker 400XP twinjet aircraft. The full conversion to an XTi costs about $3 million, the company says, a cost that “not everyone is able to justify.” Now Nextant is offering just the cockpit upgrade, as a stand-alone product, for about $500,000. “This extremely cost-effective solution allows operators to minimize capital outlays while still receiving the advanced technology benefits of the new cockpit and taking the first step towards the 400XTi,” said Mark O’Donnell, executive vice president. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion panel, which includes synthetic vision, ADS-B Out and more, brings the old airframes into NextGen compliance.

“Since launching the 400XT/XTi program, it has become clear that that we need to evolve our business model in response to significant changes in the global pre-owned aircraft market,” said Stephen Maiden, CEO of Nextant parent, Constant Aviation. “The severe decline in value for young, pre-owned inventory has placed an overwhelming focus on value for aircraft owners and operators. … Now we are going to look for new and creative ways to lessen the financial burden to operators while still providing long-term pathways to a complete remanufactured product.” The full 400XTi program, which includes a cabin upgrade, fresh exterior paint and new engines, has delivered more than 70 upgraded aircraft in 13 countries, Maiden said.