Green Tech Aircraft Announces Ypselon GT Electric Aircraft


Leuven, Belgium, 24th April 2015 –Aviation start-up company Green Tech Aircraft is excited to announce the launch of its progressive electric aircraft project, Ypselon GT. This revolutionary project will soon unite high performance and sustainability. The concept of the electric aircraft was officially presented at Aero Expo 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany, from 15th – 18th April.

Green Tech Aircraft believes that the Ypselon GT will enable it to offer solutions for most of the major challenges that General Aviation aircraft owners and pilots are facing today, a significant part of them being a major reduction in operating costs. “Charging Ypselon GT battery packs on the electricity grid will cost between 5 and 8 euro per flight hour. If one has solar panels available, it can even be free,” says GTA’s Founder and Managing Director, David De Ridder. “This is unprecedented among the high performance aircraft which are currently available on the market,” he adds. “In addition, maintenance costs for your Ypselon GT will mostly be limited to consumables such as tyres and brakes, since the electric propulsion system is virtually free from maintenance. An optional trailer and easy assembly/disassembly of the aircraft – by one person – will allow for increased operating, handling and storage flexibility.”

Ypselon GT is a high performance all electric two-seater in tandem configuration, packed with state-of-the-art safety features. Capable of carrying a 220 kg (484 lbs) payload, including occupants and baggage, the aircraft is expected to cruise at speeds of up to 320 km/h (200 mph). A first generation aircraft – with an estimated and respectable range of about 500 km (300 miles) – is designed to accept future battery pack upgrades, which will further improve the range. De Ridder concludes: “Ypselon GT offers high overall added value for the owner and pilot. Yet the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced. It’s all about a different flying and ownership experience.”

Ypselon GT is currently under initial development and will at first be available worldwide as a quick-build kit aircraft with a mandatory factory Builder Assist Program, considerably reducing the customer’s construction time down to a few hundred hours. First kit deliveries are expected by 2019. “When indicated by sufficient demand we will also consider marketing a certified factory-built version of our aircraft,” De Ridder says. Pre-sales are not yet available. However, Expressions of Interest from potential customers are keenly accepted.

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The Belgium-based company Green Tech Aircraft (GTA) is a new industry-leading innovator that develops and produces next generation, sustainable sport aircraft.

GTA’s vision is to design, develop and commercialise an ecologically sustainable, highly comfortable, extremely safe electric amateur-built aircraft with high performance and an extraordinary low operating cost. Green Tech Aircraft was founded by David De Ridder, an airline captain, recreational pilot and experienced home-builder of aircraft. The company is privately held and supported by accredited investors.