National Championship Air Races at Reno, 2002

Back after being cancelled last year due to the grounding of VFR Part 91 operations, the Air Races at Reno's Stead Field opened Thursday, September 12, and promised four days of races, airshows, and some of the most exciting flying there is. They delivered it all, and AVweb was there to get the scoop.


Articles from Reno 2002:
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Reno Rare Bear

After waiting out IFR weather that stayed until the last possible moment, Sherry Ditmer leapt into the blue skies to visit the mighty Rare Bear racer, which was being prepared for the races at Reno. Leaving Stead, she found herself unable to resist a quick trip around the race course. In anticipation of the coming races, we present her story.
Hughes H-1 Shows Its Stuff at Reno 2002

Is it possible for a plane, designed by the eccentric Howard Hughes in the early 1930s, to break speed records even today? AVweb’s Matt Paxton was in Reno as a recently built replica of the Hughes H-1 showed that some designs are timeless.
Air Racing At Its Best

The week in Reno was filled with all that makes an air race great: competition, cooperation and excitement. There were some expected winners, and some very unexpected losers. But the story is much more than "who won the gold" and "who didn’t even start," and AVweb’s Matt Paxton tells us that story.


Photos and Results:
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Reno 2002 Unofficial Results
Hot off the wire, here are the unofficial results as posted September 15, 2002.
Reno 2002 Image Gallery, Part 1

There’s a lot to see at the Air Races in Reno.  AVweb staffers Matt Paxton and Tom Philo were there to capture the magic of the September classic in this the first of two photo galleries. 
Reno 2002 Image Gallery, Part 2

AVweb staffers Matt Paxton and Tom Philo present their second of two photo galleries capturing the magic that is Reno.