Nextant 400XT: “New” At Half The Cost Of New


Nextant Aerospace says it’s found the sweet spot between a good used airplane and a new one with its “remanufactured” version of the Beechjet, or Beech 400. The company says the original airframe, stripped of anything with a life limit (the airframe doesn’t have a life limit) and rebuilt with all-new modern components represents one of the best bargains on the light jet market. At $4-5 million, depending on options, West Coast Director of Sales John Frevola said there is nothing on the new aircraft market that can touch it in terms of performance and range. During a demo flight at NBAA in Las Vegas he said the aircraft is faster, has more range and lower operating costs than new airplanes that cost twice as much. “This airplane is 88 percent new. The only thing that isn’t is basically the airframe.”

The FADEC-controlled Williams FJ44-3AP engines are remarkably quiet in all flight phases with normal conversation possible during takeoff. The Beechjet cabin has always earned high marks for its flat floor and relatively roomy feel. The 400 XT is available in three configurations and can carry up to eight passengers, although three to four is what it’s realistically designed for. The new panel is Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 with big displays and all the normal features. There are 605 airframes available to remanufacture and Frevola says the company, which is affiliated with Flight Options, has already scoured the world for the best deals. It has about 40 aircraft ready for its Cleveland factory.