Oshkosh 2001 Complete Audio Coverage (Including Live ATC!)

Here's your chance to listen in on AirVenture 2001 with AVweb's RealAudio streams!


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This section of AVweb’s exclusive AirVenture 2001 coverage brings you even closer to the daily action at this year’s show. Using a free, low-bandwidthRealPlayer and our streaming RealAudio feeds, you can hear all the calls from ATC at EAA’s AirVenture 2001.

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Aerial view of AirVenture at OshkoshWe hope you enjoy our live ATC streaming audio feed straight from Oshkosh. What you’re listening to is the output of a air-band scanner which scans among the two Oshkosh tower frequencies and the “Fisk Approach” frequency.

Because we can serve a limited number of simultaneous audio streams, and because the demand to listen to these streams is so high,eachuser is limited to 15 minutes of listening time, after which the audio feed will be interrupted. If all streams are in use, you’ll get an error message…in that case, please try again in a few minutes.

RealPlayerTo listen to this and our other streaming RealAudio feeds, you’ll need a copy of RealPlayer G2, which you can download free fromhttp://www.real.com.

While you’re listening, we suggest you explore AVweb’s daily AirVenture 2001 newscoverage and famous AirVenture photo gallery.


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