Avidyne Targets CitationJets With Navigator STC, Gives Money Back For ADS-B Upgrade


Avidyne says the recent STC approval for retrofitting the IFD550 and IFD440 hybrid touch navigator in legacy Cessna 525/525A Citations gives the jets a sizable boost in capability, particularly for autopilot-coupled GPS VNAV approaches.

The STC, which was announced at AirVenture this week, is specifically for the CitationJet models equipped with Collins Pro Line 21 and the FGC-3000 digital autopilot/flight control system. The retrofit is also a means for equipping the aircraft with ADS-B Out, via Avidyne’s SkyTrax 322/344 (remote) ADS-B transponders. The existing Collins comm and nav radios can be removed during the retrofit since the IFD navigators have full navcomm capability.

Like the rest of the IFD navigator interfaces, the system is compatible with Avidyne’s IFD100 iPad app that communicates with the navigator via Wi-Fi for an independent, large-screen display and control of the IFDs. The IFD navigators also have internal Bluetooth, which connects to a wireless keyboard for data entry.

In other Avidyne news, the company announced a $2500 cash-back promotion that bundles the flagship IFD550 with the L3 Avionics NGT9000 multifunction ADS-B transponder. The promotion is in response to the popularity of Avidyne customers pairing the premium Avidyne IFD550 with the L3 NGT9000 transponder.

“Avidyne spends a lot of time talking with our customers and when we learned of the popular pairing of these two products, we teamed with L3 Avionics on the two-month $2500 promotion,” Avidyne’s Dan Schwinn told AVweb at AirVenture, where the promotion kicks off. The NGT9000 is shipped from L3, but Avidyne sends the $2500 rebate when the installation is completed.

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