Jeppesen Charts Coming To ForeFlight

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After many years pushing their own electronic flight bag solution, Jeppesen has reached a deal with ForeFlight to make Jeppesen chart and flight data available on the ForeFlight app. “The number-one question I’ve gotten from pilots around the world is ‘when can I get Jeppesen charts on ForeFlight?’” says Ken Sain, Jeppesen COO. A Jeppesen data module will soon be an in-app purchase option in ForeFlight. Adding Jeppesen data for the United States will be a $199 per year ForeFlight option. Existing Jeppesen general aviation customers will be able to access the data they already pay for through ForeFlight.

On the airline side, Jeppesen’s Flight Deck Pro is going to begin to incorporate ForeFlight’s technology features and user interface design. Jeppesen will continue to offer its Mobile FliteDeck VFR app, which failed to gain significant market share against the much more popular ForeFlight and, to a lesser degree, Garmin Pilot, though they expect most pilots will continue to choose ForeFlight. Jeppesen and ForeFlight have been working together to integrate their respective technology for four to five months.

Comments (2)

As a flight instructor I like the use of the TERPS and related government publications. They are free and are the documents established by the FAA to train and understand. They are at no additional cost. This is a good thing.

Jeppesen are better packaged but I've had enough with the increasing costs or additional subscription fees. An additional cost is a disincentive. I won't buy nor recommend going with Jeppesen

Posted by: Rafael Sierra | May 4, 2017 3:07 PM    Report this comment

After watching for many years and hoping for this fusion, it finally happened. It might not mean much to US pilots, but to international pilots that like the ease of use of foreflight...and hate Jeppesen and Garmins EFB offerings, this update finally will arrive. Aside from the additional cost of Jepp plates, which is high, but then it costs about the same to get the local plates as paper...and pay for the updates and have to update heavy binders of plates and info, etc.... So 250USD for the whole of South America isn't too bad. Plus getting worldwide obstacle and nav data....and global synthetic vision. I guess these are all features that US pilots have already taken for granted for the past years...but it is finally the update that we international pilots have been waiting for. Hooray.

Posted by: David Walker | May 8, 2017 12:35 PM    Report this comment

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