Terrafugia Updates Transition

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Flying car company Terrafugia has announced that its Transition will be getting some new features and upgrades prior to the scheduled arrival of the first production vehicles next year. The updates involve some significant alterations, including the addition of a hybrid-electric motor for use when the roadable aircraft is in drive mode. The motor uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, which according to the company is “much safer than other lithium battery chemistries.”

Terrafugia also announced that Dynon will be providing an electronic flight information system and BRS a full airframe parachute for the Transition. “Developing this new technology has allowed us to test several different mechanisms and generate process improvements along the way,” said Terrafugia CEO Chris Jaran. “We are at the critical point where we can implement the best design features based on years of flight and drive testing.” Other updates include an inflight power boost feature, remodeled interior, more cargo space, improved seat belts, airbags and three rearview cameras.

Terrafugia plans to certify the two-seat Transition as a light sport aircraft and has already received takeoff weight and stall speed exemptions from the FAA to that effect. In the air, it cruises at 100 MPH, has a range of 400 miles and a useful load of 500 pounds. Maximum takeoff weight for the aircraft is 1,800 pounds and the stall speed is 54 knots. The Transition has also been built to comply with National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration standards. As shown in the video below, the Transition first flew at AirVenture 2013. It will be on display at Oshkosh again this year.

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Comments (3)

I'm temporarily in a city in NE Ohio where the potholes are SO prolific and SO deep that I have to drive my normal car at very slow speeds to keep it together and keep the wheels and tires intact. I can just imagine THIS contraption navigating such roadways. And we haven't even addressed the mess this area endures in winter time.

Flying cars ... give me a break, would ya! Build a car or build an airplane ... or go with the idea du jour ... an autonomous helicopter like people mover. OR ... better still ... take a subscription to that website that tells you where all the pilot courtesy vehicles are and fly there.

I don't know what else to say. This idea is ridiculous. Any bets on how long it'll take someone to do themselves in in one of these things?

Posted by: Larry Stencel | July 17, 2018 5:28 PM    Report this comment

I don't know Larry, I'm not quite so pessimistic. There's Sam Bousfield's Switchblade which looks pretty promising and that gyrocopter kind of thing in Europe that I think is flying.

On the other hand, I remember when I was 11 years old driving my bike down the street thinking to myself, "I bet if I could hook up a propeller to the front of this bike and somehow connect it to the crank and put some wings on this I could fly to school! Wouldn't that be cool?"

Posted by: Richard Katz | July 18, 2018 8:09 AM    Report this comment

Driving? I even have reservations about just PARKING fragile aircraft on the street or parking lots! Once you leave the relative safety of the airport, you put your plane at high risk of getting damage or from tampering. No thanks.

Posted by: Mark Fraser | July 18, 2018 8:54 AM    Report this comment

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