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Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport may be renamed if a consulting group has their way. Leon Cargile has announced a national effort to get at least 20,000 names from the Web in an online petition to change the name of the airport to one that recognizes former Atlanta Mayor and civil rights leader Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr. Cargile will present the results of the drive to Atlanta Mayor Franklin and the Atlanta City Council…

Airline mogul Sir Richard Branson is setting his eyes on the U.S. market. The flamboyant entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways -- and other successful companies in his empire -- hopes to take a 49 percent financial interest in a low-cost quality airline, the Associated Press reported last week. Plans call for a new carrier -- with a fleet of 15 to 20 planes -- to enter the market under a name other than Virgin's...

Australia's Civil Aviation Safety Authority is offering a new 17-minute video on bush flying. The agency claims the program offers practical advice to people who own and maintain bush aerodromes, as well as air operators and pilots flying in remote areas. Extreme weather, short and narrow runways, maintenance of dirt airstrips, inadequate runway and aerodrome markers and animals on runways are some of the issues discussed in the video.