Aerostar Aircraft Introduces Newest Model


Hayden Lake, Idaho-based Aerostar Aircraft unveiled its latest model, the Aerostar 702P, at AOPA Expo. The company holds the type certificate of the venerable recip twin, but is now only modifying previously manufactured Aerostars to this new model. Aerostar vice president Jim Christy told AVweb at the show that the 702P recently completed extensive FAA flight testing that allows for an increased max takeoff weight of 6,850 pounds, a 2,200-pound useful load and a 6,850-pound max landing weight. To handle the extra loads, Aerostar beefed up the landing gear and brakes on the airplane. In conjunction with the weight increase, Aerostar also certified an optional 5.5-psi pressurization system, which raises the 702P’s ceiling to FL280. Specifications include a 1,000-nm range, 275-knot max cruise speed and a 69-knot stall speed. Christy said that his company still has plans to produce a Williams FJ33-powered twinjet version of the Aerostar, but is still seeking funds to bring this program to fruition.