FLIR Certification Sought


First there was enhanced vision, then synthetic vision and now there’s Forward Vision’s forward looking infrared (FLIR) system. As AVwebtold you last fall, Forward Vision, which is a subsidiary of Florida-based Aerocomp, introduced the system (for experimental aircraft only) at the 2004 AOPA Expo in Long Beach. Since then, the company has been looking at the long-term potential and is now working on a certified version. The experimental system, which includes a mounting pod, costs about $18,000 but certified models will likely cost about 40 percent more. FLIR gathers infrared light and presents it in a black and white image on a television or computer screen. Because most objects and terrain have different temperatures, they show up in contrast on the screen. The result is a remarkably clear picture of the world ahead through darkness, smoke, fog, rain and snow.