Inhofe Weighs In On ADIZ


An influential Oklahoma senator is accusing the FAA of breaking the law in its administration of the Washington Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). As part of his effort to block creation of a permanent ADIZ, Republican Sen. James Inhofe told AOPA that the FAA has ignored a requirement included in its current reauthorization that requires the agency to justify the existence of the ADIZ every 60 days. “To my knowledge, we are still waiting for these justifications,” he said. Inhofe, a GA pilot, said the ADIZ is riddled with problems that need to be addressed and he’s vigorously opposing making it permanent. You may not be a senator, but your voice can be heard. Take a moment to write a brief comment (docket number 17005) on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that will set the restricted airspace in stone. The deadline for comments is Tuesday and by Saturday almost 14,000 people had let their feelings be known. We haven’t read every one but we’ve yet to come across a positive comment on the NPRM. Most people feel, like Inhofe, that the ADIZ is an unworkable inconvenience that puts pilots at risk. “Specifically, there are legitimate concerns in operating in the ADIZ, including increased hold times, potentially unsafe maneuvering as they circle outside the ADIZ, confusing clearances, lost flight plans, and stiff and irreversible penalties for the simplest of infractions,” Inhofe said.