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Poor eyesight is no longer the bane of pilots that it once was.  Last week, AVweb asked how many of our readers have taken steps to correct their vision – like the recently FAA-approved procedure known as conductive keratoplasty – and how many of you see just fine without corrective measures.

Over half of those who responded (54%, to be exact) told us they wear corrective lenses and intend to keep doing so for the time being.  Another 22% of our readers told us they wear lenses but are considering corrective surgery.

9% of readers told us they had actually undergone corrective surgery – or another FAA-approved method to improve their vision.

And a mere 13% of our readership said they got along just fine with their natural vision.  (Wish we could all say that!)

As for our slightly "under the table" answers:  1% of readers confessed that they wear corrective lenses but haven’t told the FAA, and another 1% say they’ve have success in improving their vision with "non-approved methods."


General aviation costs continue to rise.  This week, AVweb wants to know if you’ve been priced out of flying (yet?).

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