Question of the Week: Safety, Transparency, and Oversight in the Age of Free Information


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Columbia Aircraft Manufacturing will soon have new owners, and last week we asked AVweb readers to cast their predictions as to who would walk away with the company’s assets.

Cessna is the leading contender, of course, and nearly 3/4 of AVweb readers have the company pegged as Columbia’s new owners.  Very few few of you expected Cirrus to come out on top of the bidding – fewer than the 15% of respondents who predicted that a third party will swoop in and claim Columbia later on.

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NASA’s decision to withhold the results of a flight safety survey has raised questions about what type of information should be publicly available to pilots and citizens. This week, we want to know what AVweb readers think. Who should make the call when it comes to releasing this sort of data to the public?

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